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INDIE LURIA GOLDWASER  is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo, majoring in Psychology and Art. She continued her studies at Pratt Institute, receiving a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Teaching Creative Problem Solving in the industrial setting led to her own challenging and artistic struggles. She began dabbling in stained glass one summer in the mid 70's, evolving into painting with oils, acrylics, stone and paper. In the early 1980's, Indie's work was mainly abstract, counting on the beautiful textures and colors of different mediums to dictate the design. She exhibited in several galleries in New York City, and began to explore the idea of art work in window displays of department stores. Although interest was generated, life's circumstances postponed her commercial art endeavors. A decade later, she resumed painting, and won placement in a national juried art show. Indie explored mixed media projects, focusing on large works of art created by using  small  fragments. All of Indie's art works are created with the same structure, piecing  together the small into the large.  Her art work evolved from abstract to expressionistic to realistic, and the mediums used bring life to the subject.

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